Zoom Poker


Zoom Poker is Poker Stars' new feature designed to add speed and excitement to ring game cash play. It is Poker Stars' version of Full Tilt Poker's Rush Poker, which was pretty popular back when Full Tilt Poker was up and running.

The difference between Zoom Poker and regular poker is that if you are playing Zoom Poker, you are automatically moved to a new table each time you fold a hand. So what this is meant to do is to cut down on the time that you are waiting for a hand, taking you from the situation that you are in to one where your wait time.

Players can wait until their turn to fold and move tables, or they can choose the fast fold option, and not have to wait until they have to act. If you are going to fold anyway, and want to take full advantage of the Zoom Poker format, then folding as quickly as possible once you have made the decision to do so would make the most sense.

There is also an option to continue to watch the action at the table you just left by holding down the control key when you hit the fold button, where you will be then able to view the action at this table until the end of the hand. This allows you to see what happened in the hand should you be curious.

Zoom Poker tables are now offered at Pokerstars at stakes ranging from 0.01/0.02 up to $2.50/$5, as well as for play money. Zoom Poker is offered across not only Holdem and Omaha, but with draw poker as well. There is also plans to extend the reach of Zoom Poker to more games and stakes as time goes on.

To play Zoom Poker, you will first need to go to Poker Stars' special Zoom Poker lobby. You then select which game you would like to play, the stakes, and the number of tables you would like to play at once. Poker Stars encourages newer players to initially start out with fewer rather than more tables than you may think you want to play, as the action is faster and you will need experience to determine how many you can play comfortably at a time.

All players who play Zoom Poker will be playing the same format, so there aren't any inherent disadvantages as far as having to post more than your share of blinds, as there would be normally with shifting tables like this. The first time you sit down you will generally be on the big blind, but after that, the blinds become assigned to the players who have posted them the least, in order to make this fair.

So this offers players the opportunity to play more hands per hour, per a given amount of tables. As an alternative, you can simply play more tables if you want more hands per hour and be able to achieve the same thing. However, fewer tables would be generally easier to manage, while still allowing the amount of action you crave, and therefore players can get a better feel for what's going on and also manage the hands they are in better.

So this should delight players who enjoy multi-tabling, and if you are among them, it's definitely worth at least checking out. There is a large contingent of players who have jumped at the added excitement and greatly reduced boredom that Zoom Poker offers. So if you haven't tried this out yet, or if you've never had an account at Poker Stars and want to check out the world's largest poker site, click on our link for more information.

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