Jumpstarting Your Poker Bankroll


As many new players begin playing online, they often begin at very low limits and are working with a limited bankroll. Of course, this is nearly how every great poker player starts out.

A new player's bankroll can be delicate and the decisions a player makes early on can really effect their development in poker. In this article, we'll look at ways to gradually increase your bankroll and things to avoid that could derail your poker career.

Deposit Bonuses/Reloads

This is probably the most obvious and the most important thing to take advantage of as a new player. It is crucial to search around for the best deposit bonuses.

If you have a certain network you want to play on, be sure to look at each site or skin available, as the bonuses may vary wildly from site to site. Of course, depending on your bankroll specifications you may not be able to deposit the amount needed to get the maximum bonus. Though it is great to get as much free money as possible, you shouldn't risk money you cannot afford to lose.

Also, many sites will allow you to have multiple accounts, at different sites, on the same network. You can take advantage of this by using different skins and receive deposit/reload bonuses on different sites. In most cases, you'll be facing the same network of players, so your familiarity with your competition won't change.

If possible, always try to take advantage of reload bonuses, if you put in consistent volume, they can be cleared in no time. If you really look hard for bonuses, you could make several thousand dollars or more a year in just reload and deposit bonuses.

VIP Programs, Rewards, and Rakeback

It is extremely important to be aware of an online poker room's VIP programs, rewards programs, and the availability of rakeback. These features can add thousands of dollars to your monthly earnings.

Generally, you will have some idea if you'll be playing mostly cash games or tournaments. Find out how the VIP program affects the type of game you play. Look for special rewards for tournaments or for certain cash games. Often times, sites will have double points days on certain nights or other special rewards. Know your game and find the best VIP program available.

Of course, rakeback is also a great option. Not all sites offer rakeback but many sites still do. It's simply free money for playing and often times it is paid daily into your account. It will continually grow your working bankroll each day and make it easier and less stressful, to play and attack higher limits.

Many online poker rooms will also offer monthly tournaments to their highest raking/ranking players. Also, there are plenty of new player freerolls available at a number of sites, these can be a great way to build a bankroll. These tournament fields are generally weak and may be helpful for those who need a bankroll boost.

Bankroll Requirements: Stick To Them!

It's easy to learn bankroll management, there are literally hundreds of poker sites and poker books with the correct bankroll requirements for each type of game. So, why do so many players have trouble managing their bankrolls?

Perhaps, it is just a lack of discipline or the cause of decision making on tilt. Whatever the case, it leads to the downfall of many aspiring players.

The most important thing in poker is staying in action, even if you have to drop down and play lower for awhile, it is better than being broke! Just as a construction worker needs hammer and nails to be able to do his job, a poker player needs money and discipline. It is your lifeblood and the tools of your trade.

Here are some general bankroll requirements for different types of games. Cash, 100 buy-ins is generally considered conservative with 40 buy-ins being recommended. Multi- table tournament players need a minimum of 80 buy-ins. Sit n' Go tournament players generally should have at least 50 buy-ins. Of course, if you play a large number of tables, your bankroll should generally be larger to reduce variance. Heads up play also is higher in variance, so players will want to keep larger rolls for the volatile swings of heads-up poker.

Plan Your Poker Career

It is easy to deposit into a site, load up a few tables, and begin playing without any preparation. Millions of players across the world jump into online poker without a plan.

Just as a company develops a business plan, poker players need to plan their careers. Seeking out the best bonuses and VIP programs, finding the best games for their poker skill set, and keeping strict bankroll requirements are invaluable actions to make.

Playing Poker Online

Given recent changes in gaming in the USA and internationally, it is not easy to know which are currently the top online poker sites. The stated mission of BestPokerSitesList.com is to do all the ground work for you, so that you are presented with a list of the best sites to choose from.

Things change fast in online poker as we were reminded with the Full Tilt Poker debacle. Therefore our information is always updated with the most recents promotions and most reputable poker sites.

We select the sites in our list first and foremost for their reputation and security. You already have enough to worry with making money playing poker, so you should not be concerned if your poker bankroll is secure or not. This is why you will only find top notch poker sites listed here.

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