Low stakes online tournaments


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At the micro stakes or what is known as the lower stakes of online poker, you will find a vast majority of bad players and easier games to make a profit.

How to play low stakes tourneys

These games will most times not make you whopping profits, but more so it will make you consistent and good money if you play your cards right. The low stakes online tournaments are beatable for the main reason that you will find just awful players and also players who are new to the game. With a combination of these two players if you are a shark you can build up a bankroll in a hurry.

The best way to approach the micro stakes games is to play an aggressive style. This aggressive style should never become reckless, but rather you must play aggressive when playing pots in position.

This becomes more evident at the middle to later stages of a poker tournament when the blinds are big and the pots get inflated. If you can play small pots in position and chip away at the weaker players, you will find some success at the low stakes tournament level.

This level is basically beatable for all players if you know what you are doing. A tight image early on in a poker tournament can go a long way to force folds later on in the tournament. With the frequency of table changes you incur when playing online tournaments, the best way to gather a tight image is to play tight when it is necessary to do so. You should play tight when putting in raises before the flop from early position and loosen up your hand range from later position.

Making minimum raises before the flop has become pretty much the standard for all levels of a poker tournament. The reason to be consistent with raise sizing pre-flop is to never give away strength or weakness. If you do this then you will have unreadable hands and you can force players to not know what to do in certain spots against you.

Key to success

The low stakes tournaments have become increasingly easier these days because the sharks don't play them too often as there isn't too much big money to make in them. The reason to play low stakes tournaments is simply that, you will not find sharks in these games, or if you do it is very rare. For the most part, low stakes tournaments are the most beatable game online today. If you want to build a bankroll these tournaments are great for that.

In order to have success from the beginning to the end of tournaments you have to categorize players at your table, but also know how to exploit the styles of play at the table. If you are facing loose and reckless players then you can sit back and wait to chip up. Eventually you will get a big hand and be able to trap your opponent into a big pot. The aggressive opponents are not players to play back at or risk a lot of chips against without big cards or big hands.

If you are playing against passive players then you can make the game very easy by just raising before the flop and winning a lot of pots without a showdown. Often times this can be the case in low stakes tournaments.

Most players sit back and wait for hands, then eventually get fed up with you raising their blinds consistently and shove it in with a weak hand. At that point against passive players, you can take advantage by waking up with a big pocket pair or a monster hand and collecting the passive players stack.

Whether you are facing a table of aggressors or passive players, both can be beat, and will be beat if you play your cards right.

Playing Poker Online

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