What are the best online poker sites?


This Is Something You Really Need Help With

The tendency of a lot of newer players is to just sign up and start playing with the first site that they encounter. Given that new players generally don't have a lot of money to waste, this is most often a bad way to get started on your journey into the world of online poker.

There is a fair bit of variation as far as the quality of online poker sites goes. In particular, some poker sites are chock full of good players who are sitting back and licking their chops just waiting to prey on new and inexperienced players. At some poker sites they will smell your blood and line up on waiting lists just to get a piece of you.

In less than ideal situations such as this, a new player and his or her money part ways pretty quickly, and you often see a pattern of players depositing over and over again each time they get cleaned out, until they either decide to quit or wise up and start looking to get some good advice.

You Can't Know How Good Or Bad A Poker Site Is Unless You've Played There

The big problem with looking to go it alone and not looking to get advise from very experienced and knowledgeable people is that, without the experience of playing at a particular poker site, you won't really know what is in store for you one way or the other.

So this then becomes a painful process of trial and error and while you eventually will gain some experience with some good online poker sites, this knowledge will cost you at the very least a significant amount of money, if not your poker life.

It takes a fair bit of poker skill to become a profitable online poker player, and if you are learning playing against a lot tougher players than you need to, the price of your education can go from a modest and manageable amount to a very excessive sum of money.

Tap Into The Knowledge And Experience Of Experts

We have been recommending poker rooms to players since online poker has been around, and while there are quite a few people that will try to help you here, few of them really have the experience and the expertise to give you the knowledge and direction that you need in order to best set yourself up for success.

In order to do this right, you need to have extensive experience at not just some of the online poker sites out there, you need to be intimately familiar with all of the ones worth considering. You also need a long history of being familiar with which sites suit new players best, and with countless thousands of players that we have happily referred to the best poker rooms out there, you can be very confident in our recommendations.

So What Makes A Poker Room Stand Out Here?

The first and most important consideration is how easy it is to beat players at a given online poker site. Without this, everything else becomes moot. If a poker site gives you good bonuses and has tons of games running but you end up losing a lot more money than you should, that's not a deal at all.

Having at least a good amount of traffic is another important thing to take into account, although this does not mean that bigger is better, it means that it has to be big enough. There are a lot of hidden gems here in fact which a lot of players either aren't really aware of or think that there isn't enough traffic to bother with, but they are often wrong.

Those are the need to haves, and to further refine the ratings, there are also the nice to haves, such as a nice deposit bonus, a good frequent player reward program, easy to use software, a good selection of deposit and withdraw methods, quick payouts, great customer service, generous promotions, good game selection and variety, and so on.

So There's A Lot That Goes Into These Top Recommendations

As you can see, there are a lot of different aspects that go into deciding which poker rooms are best from among the hundreds of online poker rooms out there these days. You definitely want to put yourself in the best position that you can to succeed, right from the outset, or if you have been lead astray in the past you definitely want some very sound advice to get yourself on track.

So you can rest assured that our recommendations on this site are of the highest quality that you can find anywhere, and all of my top picks are definitely worth trying out. We've even arranged for you to get paid while seeing for yourself why we like these rooms so much.

So all you have to do is pick one from our list and get ready for some nice bonus money and some real nice online poker.

Playing Poker Online

Given recent changes in gaming in the USA and internationally, it is not easy to know which are currently the top online poker sites. The stated mission of BestPokerSitesList.com is to do all the ground work for you, so that you are presented with a list of the best sites to choose from.

Things change fast in online poker as we were reminded with the Full Tilt Poker debacle. Therefore our information is always updated with the most recents promotions and most reputable poker sites.

We select the sites in our list first and foremost for their reputation and security. You already have enough to worry with making money playing poker, so you should not be concerned if your poker bankroll is secure or not. This is why you will only find top notch poker sites listed here.

Our list is short because we only include the finest. These sites have been offering fair online games for many years and they are here for the long-term, unlike some of the new sites that come and go. And they all offer attractive bonuses for joining and lucrative VIP Clubs once you become a regular players.

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