Texas Holdem Poker Rules


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Welcome to Texas Holdem Poker Rules page. Here you will find tips and tricks about Texas Holdem and how to use the Rules to make money. If you are dreaming of playing in a big money tournament then this is a good place to start.

Texas Holdem is a game that y ou can learn in a few minutes of play. It can take a life time to master the game. Do not expect to sit down at the table and count on your luck to make a killing. Luck, a lot of the time, does not have a damn thing to do with who walks away with the cash.

Texas Holdem Poker Rules

When you start out playing Texas Holdem you will think that the rules are deceptively simple. Beleive me, they are a lot more complex than you may think and will dictate how you play the game.

The Big Blind and the Small Blind are put on the table. These bets are mandatory and they revolve around the table so that eveybody gets a turn to pay.

The dealer will first deal two cards to every player. These cards are delt down and are called you hole cards or pocket cards. This is your hand to be held tight to the vest. Show no one these cards. Now you can do 1 of three things. Call the bet of the Big Blind by putting a matching amount into the pot. Raise the pot by putting at least double the amount of the Big Blind. Or fold your hand. If you are smart you will take this option more than not.

If you are sitting at the Big Blind or the Small Blind you had to put money into the pot before you saw your cards so you can raise yourself. A word of caution. If one of the blinds raises. Watch out.

After everone has thier money in the pot or has folded their cards. The dealer will deal the Flop. He burns the first card and then deals out three cards face up in the middle of the table. You now have five cards. The three community cards of the Flop and your two pocket cards. The best poker hand that you can make out of the five cards is what you bet on for the next round. It is called the turn. The dealer burns another card and deals the turn face up on the table. At this point the minumum bet doubles.

After the action is completed the dealer then burns another card and deals the final community card called the river. There is a saying that in Texas holdem poker, "You live or die on the river." after the next round of betting the best poker hand wins. Look here for the rank of poker hands

Playing Texas Holdem Online

Playing on line can sort of distort the picture for you. For one thing it makes position on the table to seem to be more of a minor thing than it really is. The play moves way to fast at times and they give you buttons to click so that you can automatically call or raise a bet. It is of course to their advantage to move the game along as fast as they can. They make their money on the pot rake. Notice when you play on line that the dealer has a slot next to his right hand. The money that accumulates there is the pot rake. Of course, in a play money game it does not cost you anything to play. In a game played for real money it is a factor and should be taken into account. The fewer hands that you play. The less you pay. It is very important in on line play to take into consideration your position on the table. In late position you already have lots of information about the hands of the people who had to act before you do. If everyone has called the blind up to you and you have a playable hand, especially if you have an Ace, it might be a good idea to raise. If you have been paying attention to the play you should already know if the Big Blind will defend it, no matter what he has in the pocket. Or, if he will fold. You might, just maybe have the winning hand. If you do not have a powerhouse then it is to your advantage to raise the other players out of the game. Don't let them limp in to beat you on the River.

I heard one of the old poker masters on one of the Holdem TV shows talk about how no one gives any respect to the guy sitting behind the Big Blind. If he raises. Pay attention. He already has more money in the pot than anyone else.

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Playing Poker Online

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